Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sound Creates

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God 
John 1:1 Bible

In the beginning was the Brahman with whom was the Word And the Word is Brahman
Hindus Vedas

Thoh was believed to have created the World with His Voice
Egyptian Tradition

Humans were given life by the power of the Word
Mayans Popul Vah (the book of creation)

Sider Women sings the song of creation to produce animated life
Hopi tradition

 In the beginning was God with the power through  speech 
"May I be many...may I propagated  through  subtle speech" he united himself
through that speech and became pregnant"
The Satapatha Brahmana

Sound Creates!
Creation stories from many ancient religions give sound animportant role in the creation of the universe.
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word waswith God, and
the Word was God
." John 1:1
(A spokenword is a sound.)
Hindu tradition states in the Vedas, "In the beginning was Brahman with whom was the Word.
Andthe Word is Brahman
Thot, an Egyptian God, was believed to have
created the world with his voice
According to Mayan tradition, in the Popul Vuh (the book on creation),
humans are given life by the powerof the Word.
In the Hopi Indian tradition, "Spider Woman" sings
songs of creation to produce animated life
The Satapatha Brahmana reads, "In the beginningwas God with power through speech. God said, ‘May I be many
...may I be propagated through subtlespeech,
he united himself with that speech and became pregnant.’"
In Chinese Buddhism,
the Divine Voice calls forththe illusive form of the universe
The Divine Voice calls forward the illusive form of the Universe   
Chinese Buddhism 

Throughout  the ages the power of sound is linked with creation
from Jill Matheson in her book Ancient Sound Modern Healing